Adopting a Pet

Adopting a Pet from a Shelter

I have adoptive six cats all from shelters (Moses above picture). All my cats get along and love to play together. They sure sleep a lot!

Before you adopt a Cat or Kitten consider the following.

  1. Cats live for about 15+ years so you have to be committed to a long loving relationship.
  2. Cats are very social and need your attention. I would strongly recommend that you get a brother and sister they will have a friend to play with. Buy lots of toys!
  3. Never declaw your Cats! this is not just taking out their toe nails ...Its actually an amputation of the last joint of your cats toes!!!
  4. Moving is the top reason why people bring their pets to the shelter. If you decide to adopt be sure if you ever find a place that will except your new family member also.
  5. Realize that your new cat may cause some damage in your home until he/she learns were the proper place to scratch is (make sure you have a scratching post)
  6. Make an appointment with your local vet.
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All my adopted cats have special needs. Oreo is cross eyed and sometimes he can't find his food if you put it in front of him. The above picture is Oreo he is a big cat...Poor little cat ..he is so big he can't even fit in this cute!

Moses loves to chew on boxes. He eats so fast he loses most of it right after.

My other cat Angell she has to eat in the closet with the door shut.

Brady opens the closet door were the food bin is stored...he opens the bin lid and just eats when he wants.

Olive thinks she is the mother of all of them and kiss them all day long. The cats tend to run away...but she runs right after them, puts them in a headlock and kisses their face...(too funny)

Now Baby she is the kitten and what trouble she is. She taunts Moses to no end and runs so fast around the house she scares all the cats!.

please visit my blog often for pictures of my other cats.

I will be posting more information on how to care for our pets.

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  1. They all sound like they have sooooo much personality, every one of them!