Why Does My Cat .....

Sleep on his back?
  • Your cat feels safe, warm, happy, and secure in his environment.
  • He feels really loved by you.

Twitch when sleeping? 
  • When cats are in their deep REM sleep stage (like humans) you may see their paws, ears, whiskers and their limbs twitch. 
  • Perhaps his is is dreaming of playing with his toys or catching prey. 
  • Even though your cat is in a deep sleep, he always has one ear open for any danger that may lurk about.  

Know how to open doors?
  • Cats have been judged as unintelligent because they don't do what people want them to do (like dogs often do on command). The fact is, that your cat can open doors because he can think on a somewhat rational level.
  • Cats figure out things by repeating the task until they come up with the solutions which solves the problem.
  • Siamese cats are known to be among the most intelligent breeds.
  • Many cats can even learn to play fetch!

Stick his rear end up when I pet him?
  • Cats are reminded of when their mothers licked them as kittens. Mothers took care of their kittens by cleaning their behinds and encouraging bowel movements.
  • Your cat now thinks your his mother because you feed,  pet, and love him.
  •  This is a very natural behavior.

Run frantic around the house?

  • Your cat may have some pent up energy to burn if he is an indoor cat.
  • Cats have a natural instinct to hunt even if they can't go outside.
  • Make sure your cat has enough  play time with you and his toys.  This will cut back on the crazy time in the house. 

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